Sailing on Pittwater


If you like Sailing, cruising, racing, boating on Pittwater, you should think about Palm Beach Yacht Club. If you own a boat or want to crew and learn how to sail with friendly people call Palm Beach Yacht Club. At Palm Beach Yacht Club, on Pittwater, you can sail, cruise, and race with friends. Plus you have access to Club Casual Moorings. All this for only $395 pa for full family membership.

Palm Beach Yacht Club has 3 casual moorings and all the Pittwater sailing and racing you can handle on Sundays (all year) and Friday Twilights (during daylight saving). If you don’t want to race, but want to sail on Pittwater and use our club moorings  it’s only $280 pa. and you can still race on Sundays if you change your mind. I

f you love Pittwater sailing and want to use your boat with a group of friendly like minded people why not CONTACT US. It as simple as filling out our APPLICATION FORM

RACING PROGRAM 2013-14Click Here

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SUN 27th Apr 2014 WINTER 1 - Lady Skipper Race Noon
SUN 18th May 2014 WINTER 2 - Morse Controls Race Noon
SUN 15th Jun 2014 WINTER 3 - Great Wackers Race Noon
SUN 29th Jun 2014 WINTER 4 - Lion Island Challenge Cup Noon
SUN 20th Jul 2014 WINTER 5 - Ice Breakers Race Noon

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