The Club has three moorings available for casual use by PBYC members’ boats.

The locations are shown on the maps below.  They are located in

•    Towler’s Bay.
•    The Basin.
•    Refuge Bay.

The Club moorings are for use by PBYC members’ boats only. This use does not extend to associate members nor to other boats crewed by PBYC members.

An annual  PBYC boat sticker will be issued to each member upon receipt of their membership fee, to enable the police and members to identify which vessels are entitled to use the Club moorings for that season. Please ensure that the sticker is stuck onto your yacht’s transom or window.

All moorings consist of a 1 ton block and appropriate ground tackle to secure a 40 ft yacht in most weather conditions.

The following policy applies to the use of the moorings:

•    Daytime raft-ups are permitted with due care being given to the prevailing weather conditions.

•    It is recommended that not more than 3 yachts raft-up at any one time and a responsible crewmember must be aboard at all times.

•    Overnight mooring use should be restricted to one yacht alone.

•    A maximum of 24 hours occupation by any one yacht is permitted.

•    You should fly your club burgee while on the mooring.

•    At all times it is the member’s responsibility to take due care as to the safety of their yacht.

•    The club ensures that regular maintenance of the moorings is undertaken but accepts no responsibility for failure of the mooring apparatus.

•    If you see any damage to the mooring, please inform a member of the committee so that any repairs can be arranged promptly.

•    If a non-club boat is occupying the mooring then all reasonable efforts should be made to encourage the occupant to vacate the mooring (or join the club on the spot!). If the occupant still refuses to move, contact NSW Maritime on 0418 976 023 (Boating Safety Officer, Pittwater West – Steve Nugent) or 0418 976 160 (Boating Safety Officer, Pittwater East – Anita Schulze).

•    A list of current financial vessels (YACHT REGISTER) is available on the club web-site so you can check which vessels are entitled to use the moorings.

By following these guidelines, we can have a reasonable chance of being able to enjoy the club moorings in the company of fellow members.

Please see map below for mooring locations. Moorings are RED/ORANGE in colour and market PBYC MEMBERS ONLY