The PBYC was founded on the principle that members could enjoy the pleasures of yacht racing without the formality, expense and seriousness of the racing provided by some other clubs. The PBYC provides racing in an atmosphere of friendly competition and advocates behaviour on the water that encourages families to crew their yachts during races.

PBYC’s Racing Policy emphasises the need for members and crew to compete in a friendly, safe and sportsmanlike manner.

•    Members are reminded of the relaxed, family nature of our club and are encouraged to give less experienced or newer members every opportunity to enjoy racing with the PBYC in an environment that is enjoyable and non-threatening to themselves and their yachts.

•    All PBYC races are conducted under the Racing Rules of Sailing as prescribed by Yachting Australia and as modified by PBYC Sailing Directions.

•    Members are expected and encouraged to learn, know, abide and sail by the YA Rules.

•    It is also expected that when a member breaks a rule they will take the penalty as prescribed by the Rules or Sailing Directions or retire.

•    Intimidation of other participants is discouraged and experienced racing members are encouraged to give way to less experienced members in potentially dangerous situations.

All yachts participating in any race must have:

•    a fully financial PBYC racing member on board
•    a current safety certificate from either PBYC or a YA affiliated yacht club
•    have provided to PBYC a copy of their current insurance certificate.

The PBYC member is responsible for the conduct of the yacht and its crew.

•    The skipper of a yacht is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start and whether or not to continue to participate in any club event.
•    The safety of a yacht and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner, or his/her representative.

Crew members who will participate in more than three Sunday races should become Associate Members of the Club or members of another YA affiliated yachting club.

The Race Committee makes decisions on behalf of the Club that affecting racing matters and consists of:

•    The Commodore
•    The Vice Commodore/s
•    The Handicapper