Privacy Policy

The Committee is of the view that:
•    the Privacy Act does not apply the PBYC Inc. and so a privacy policy is not required by law;
•    nevertheless, it is in the interests of the members for PBYC Inc. to have a privacy policy.

1 Establishment of compliance regime

The club will:
•    appoint a privacy officer, which position will normally be occupied by the Membership Secretary.
•    develop a privacy policy
•    maintain a secure system for storing personal information, i.e. stored on a computer (with backup) with access limited to specified club officers.
•    Encourage Committee members to understand privacy requirements.
•    not list or index information by government identifiers.
•    treat all personal information held by the club as if the new regime applies to it, even if it was collected before the new regime commenced

2  General ongoing Compliance

The club will:
•    Keep personal information accurate, complete and up-to-date
•    Include a section in membership and renewal forms asking members to advise if their details have changed
•    In cases where the consequences of use of the information could be severe for the person, check whether the information is accurate, complete and up-to-date before use
•    Review system security and staff training once a year
•    Destroy information when no longer used or needed (an annual review would be reasonable for this purpose)
•    Not post any confidential information on the club website

3  At time of collection

The club will:
•    Only collect personal information that is necessary, including name, address (inc email address) and phone numbers as well as boat details and insurance policy details
•    Only use lawful and fair means, and do not act in an unreasonably intrusive way
•    Where reasonable and practicable, collect information directly from the individual
The club will also take reasonable steps to inform the individual of
the organisation’s contact details;
all proposed uses and disclosures of the personal information
how to access the information (eg contact the club registrar to change or confirm your details);
any law that requires the information to be collected; and
the consequences if any part of the information is not provided (eg without your insurance details, we will be unable to register you and you cannot compete)

The club will not request “sensitive information”, e.g. that relating to information or an opinion about a person’s health, race/ethnicity, political opinions, membership of a political association, religious/ philosophical beliefs or affiliations, professional/ trade association membership, trade union membership, sexual preferences/ practices or criminal record.

However, in the event that a person may volunteer such information, e.g. important medical factors so that a person going on a cruise may be supported in the event of illness, then the club will accept such information and destroy it when the requirement has expired.

Exemptions may apply – eg collection required by law, health emergency, legal claims – which will be addressed when necessary.

Where practicable, the club will obtain express consent to all proposed uses and disclosures of information.

4 Requests for access

The club will:
•    Provide individuals with access to their own personal information on request
•    Take reasonable steps to correct an individual’s information so that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date
•    Make the privacy policy available to anyone who asks for it, and may put it on the club website

5 Overseas transfer of information

It is not envisaged that the club will be required to transfer any member information overseas.

6 Use and disclosure

Personal information:
The club will:
•    Where possible, obtain written consent to all uses and disclosures

Note that consent is not required if the use or disclosure is related to the primary purpose of collection, and is for a purpose which the individual would reasonably expect, e.g.:
•    sending members the club policy and renewal papers
•    sending members information about events or new member services

The club will not:
•    send members’ addresses to a marketing organisation

Sensitive information:
It is not envisaged that the club will be required to divulge any sensitive information about members.