Safety & Compliance

All members are expected to know about, carry and maintain the required safety equipment applicable for the size of their vessel.  Brochures are available from RMS.

All competing yachts must comply with AYF Special Safety Regulations Category 7 as a minimum and a current safety audit must be done prior to accepting your race entry.
For Estuary Races that go outside Pittwater (beyond a line from Barrenjoey to Box Head) additional items to comply with Category 5 daylight are required (details on the web-site).
No Audit = No Race Results


As the organizing body for club events, PBYC has a duty of care to ensure that all competitors have the necessary Safety Equipment to comply with NSW Maritime requirements.  For Category 7 this is the same as that required for a day on the water.

To achieve this aim, PBYC follows the National Equipment Audit process.

Any yacht that has not undergone this process will NOT be eligible to join in the on-water club events.


YA Special Regulations Part 1 set out the Categories and Requirements for an Equipment Audit.  Yacht owners should make themselves familiar with the requirements of these Regulations as well as the requirements of NSW law as set out by Roads & Maritime Services.  PBYC will arrange for a National Equipment Auditor to carry out an Audit as outlined in the Club program.  Audits done by another YA approved club/auditor will also be acceptable to enter in club events.


PBYC on-water events fall in to 2 broad categories:
Category 7 – For Twilight Racing and events within the confines of Pittwater
Category 5 – For Sunday events that go outside Pittwater but remain within the Estuary.
Equipment Audit forms are available on the Club Website (Forms & Documents).


The owner should download the Audit form and ensure that ALL the required equipment is on board and is fit for its purpose.
Broadly this means that dated items like flares, First Aid items and Fire Extinguishers are within date (i.e. have not expired).
Once this is done, the owner will then book in for an Equipment Audit on the dates outlined in the Club program.

Having completed the audit it is then the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the Safety Equipment remains on board the vessel and is in a fit state to fulfil its purpose.

The owner is always responsible for the safety of their vessel and of the people on board.
The Equipment Audit process is only intended to provide advice and assistance to ensure the owner complies with the relevant requirements.

Contact Jim Gordon on 0414 351642 to arrange a suitable time on the dates provided in the program for a free audit.

An audit outside this period will require a $50 donation to the club.

Be aware that NSW Maritime officers can stop you at any time for a spot audit and severe fines now apply if you do not have the required safety equipment.
By completing a Club Safety Audit you are sure you have all the equipment required.

In situations regarding misbehaviour of persons, difficulties with moorings, and accidents (not involving a fatality or alcohol), contact the
NSW Maritime Safety Officer:  0418 976 160 (East), 0418 976 023 (West Pittwater).
In situations of break-in, theft or accidents involving the possible injury to persons, or involving alcohol contact:
•    Broken Bay Water Police:  9910 7899 or 0412 162 093
•    Sydney Water Police:  1800 658 784
These services can be called on:     VHF channel 16
27.88 mHz on channel 88

For EMERGENCIES: dial 000

INSURANCE -You are also required to have social racing insurance with a minimum of $10 million Public Liability and a copy must be supplied to PBYC along with your entry form & fees before you can participate in any official on-water events.  Please ensure your insurance covers the use of spinnakers in races where extras are allowed.
(Club Marine provides this additional cover at no extra charge for PBYC members)