The PBYC hosts several social events each year and encourages all members to attend with their family and friends so they can meet other members.

Our regular social events include dinner at Club Palm Beach after each Friday twilight race; and we would like to have more raft-ups at the Basin after Sunday races.

We will also host the annual family BBQ (November) and our Presentation Dinner (May).

Details of these events will be displayed on our web-site and emailed to members.  It is appreciated that you respond as to whether you will, or will not, be attending so we can cater for the appropriate number of people.

The web-site is a vital source of information (  We will endeavour to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

The Annual General Meeting is held in July each year and all members are urged to attend. The PBYC Committee is elected on this occasion and then meets regularly to ensure that the administration of the Club is kept on a sound organisational and financial footing.