PBYC Apparel

If you would like to order any PBYC Apparel this can be done at any time by contacting NORTHSIDE EMBROIDERY via their website or contact:

Michael Buckland

Northside Embroidery  - 22/ 1 Short St, CHATSWOOD, NSW, 2067

Ph: (02) 9882 2111  FAX: (02) 9882 2122


NORTHSIDE have our Club Logo on file and will be only to happy to provide you with a wide range of Apparel with the PBYC logo, your boat name etc. Just discuss your details directly with them to get exactly what you require.

POPULAR ITEMS can be seen by following the links below. If you find an item you like just take note of the item number and other details and discuss your needs directly with Michael.

POLO TOPS – Click Here

POLARS – Click Here

RUGBY – Click Here

FLEECYS – Click Here

JACKETS – Click Here

VESTS – Click Here